Product in focus: OTE Super Gel

Product in focus: OTE Super Gel

The OTE Super gel delivers 40g of carbohydrates per 66g gel, which is double the energy of a standard gel. It combines maltodextrin and fructose to provide multiple energy substrates, this helps to deliver carbohydrates to your muscles. 

By using multiple energy sources it can enable your body to absorb up to 90g of carbs per hour, which is more efficient that using maltodextrin alone. 

OTE Super Gel also contains electrolytes. These minerals can assist in fluid uptake, meaning that you can stay hydrated and perform well. By replacing electrolytes lost during physical activity you can prevent dehydration and help to maintain peak physical performance. 

The taste comes from real fruit juice concentrate, which means that you can have a great tasting gel that is easy to consume. The gel is formulated to be quickly absorbed by your body which allows you to focus on your activity. 

Key Features

  • High carb content: with 40g of carbs per gel it's amongst the most concentrated gels available. This means you can take fewer gels during exercise. 
  • Multi carb delivery: As this gels utilises maltodextrin and fructose it means that there are multiple fuel source, helping the body to take on carbs during exercise.
  • Electrolytes included: Maintaining a balance of electrolytes can help to avoid dehydration, increasing physical performance. 

Customer Reviews

"These Supergels are my favourite energy boost pre/mid ride. Great taste, and no side effects."

"Great texture and taste, have used these in multiple marathons and throughout training and had no stomach issues. Excellent product."

"Nice flavour and easy on the stomach. The extra carb intake has really helped during marathon training and will be using them on race day"

"With double the carbs of a normal gel mean that taking one keeps me going longer and I don't have to take one as often as normal gels. It also means that being a super gel I don't have to take as many for my Marathon. Love the smooth taste of Berry, I recommend this product"

OTE Super Gels are available at Energy Hydration Recovery in various box sizes. 

OTE are the official nutrition partner for British Triathlon

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