Running Fuel Guide

Running Fuel Guide


There’s nothing worse than getting out for a run and running out of energy. Whether you’re just beginning your running journey or have been a regular for years, focusing on your nutrition and fuel can be a great way to achieve those marginal gains, feel better and get faster for longer. Don’t go running on empty. 

Before Running

2 hours before you go out, go for a small/medium meal high in carbohydrates and some protein. If your run is less than 2 hours then go for something easily digestible with around 25 grams of carbs (a banana or peanut butter on toast works well) or our range of snack bars work really well for this too. 

During Run 

Running for less than an hour

If you’re out for less than an hour then just make sure that you’re well hydrated with water, or for added help try an electrolyte drink

Running for 1 - 2 Hours

It’s recommended to take 30 - 90 grams of carbs per hour, depending on your length or if very hard effort then nearer to the 90 grams per hour. Our energy gels are good for this (typically they contain 25 grams so 2 per hour) on average. 

Running for 2+ Hours

Taking a gel every 30 minutes would be a good rule of thumb and a drink mix would be a good level to keep you going. And also aim for 400ml of fluid per hour. 

After Running

You should be taking on around 20 grams of protein within 30-60 minutes of finishing your run. This helps to support muscle protein growth. Our recovery drinks are made for this so try to make this part of your routine. 


Everyone's tastes are different and this can take some trial and error so it’s a good idea to practise your fuelling as part of your training plan. If you’re finding that you need to stop some of this may be driven by your diet so you might want to review cutting down on excess fibre and fat. One of our taster packs gives you a range of products to try and find which works best. 

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