5k / parkrun Taster Box Additional Information

This guide is to accompany the 5k taster box that we've put together to help people who run 5k races or you participate in parkruns. Maybe you've done your couch to 5k and are looking for some help with your nutrition. This guide outlines what products are included and how they can be used. 

5k is a relatively short race and you should be able to complete one using your body's natural stores. We've focused on products that give you a boost of short-term energy, refuelling before or after a race and helping your body recover. 




Have a snack 1 to 2 hours before you go out for your run. If you're heading out early try and eat a little something like a banana and then finish your run with breakfast. Your pre-run snack should be something like 100-300 calories, which is good for anything up to 1 hour of running. The Clif Energy Bar we've included in your taster pack works well for this. They're 268 calories and packed with natural ingredients so perfect to have before you go out. 

If you're going out later in the day then aim to consume something like 300-500 calories 1 - 2 hours before your run. Oats porridge, muesli or toast with peanut butter is perfect. If you're between meals and want a lower-calorie snack, something like a Pulsin Brownie might be worth a try. 

Energy Boost

If you've had a snack but want to boost your energy for your run we've included

some Caffeine Bullets. These are low-calorie high caffeine chews that can be taken 0-30 minutes before you go out and can really wake up your body to perform. 

Another product we've included is the Go + Caffeine Energy Gel. This is designed to be a fast-absorbing easily digestible carb + caffeine gel. You can use this if you've left it too late to digest any food and want an energy boost at the same time.  

During your run

We wouldn't recommend having anything during your 5k run. Just get out there and enjoy it! 


If you're hungry after you finish and you want something healthy to snack on the Clif Energy Bars are perfect. Although, if you want to treat yourself to a post-run cake then why not? You deserve it!


It's always good to keep hydrated water is perfect for this, but if you want some extra help we've included some OTE Hydro Tabs in your box. The reason we take these tablets is that they help the body retain fluids and keep you topped up with the electrolytes it loses whilst running. 


Aim for 500ml about 2 hours before you run (along with your snack) and another 200ml 15 minutes before. 

During your run

You shouldn't need to take on anything during your 5km run, but if you're particularly thirsty or it's a warm day then the recommendation is 300-800ml per hour of exercise. You could drink water or with a hydration tablet popped in. 


If you're sweating heavily or it's hot this is where hydration tablets really come into their own. They quickly hydrate the body and replace any electrolytes lost. Take on 500ml with a tablet in to quench your thirst. 


If you've had a hard run and want to help your body to repair and recover itself this is where recovery drinks are used. The SIS Rego Rapid Recovery shake is

a great-tasting shake you can have that combines carbs, protein, and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals to replace everything lost during a run and kick-start the muscle repair process. Have this within 30 minutes of finishing and should reduce any soreness you have after your exercise. 

We've also included the GU Roctane Recovery which is a whey protein that specifically helps with muscle repair. If you feel like you've pushed yourself then this will help to repair any muscle damage.