Are energy gels good for hiking?

The first 'energy' product is widely considered to be the Clif Bar, launched 30 years ago and Clif Bar, which was launched 30 years ago and was initially designed to give hikers energy whilst on a long walk. So yes, energy products have a long history with walking and hiking and can work brilliantly. 

Speed of Delivery 

The original energy bars, like the Clif, were made of natural ingredients to give you long, slow-releasing energy throughout your walks. The more modern 'energy gels' have been designed to shorten that process and quickly deliver power to your body, mainly prepared with runners in mind. If you're walking, you should be looking for those products that have this long-term energy (this is great, too, as they usually taste much nicer, too!). Our top picks for hiking energy bars are as follows:

  1. Clif Energy Bar
  2. OTE Duo Bar
  3. SIS Energy Bar
  4. Trek Protein Flapjack
  5. Pulsin High Fibre Brownie


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