Best Energy Gels 2022

Best Energy Gels 2022

Which gels are the best? Why do you need an energy gel? Fuel your run with tasty and effective nutrition products. 

If you're running for over an hour, you should consider your nutrition plan, as your body uses its natural stores at this time. The harder you're running, the sooner you need to refuel. 

Carbs are the thing that the body needs replacing and it's recommended that you consume 30-60g of carbs per hour for the first 3 hours of running (and more like 60-90g per hour after this). 

We run through the best products on the market.

1. SIS Go Energy - £1.69 

A go-to for many runners and riders. The SIS has become a trusted source of energy due to its easy-to-digest formula.

This gel comes in a range of 9 flavours and provides a 22g carb hit with electrolytes. 

Best for: All-round 

Pros Cons
Easy to take without water Not everyone likes the flavours
22g Carbs per gel Quite large 
Isotonic formula delivers energy fast


2. High 5 Energy Gel - £0.99

One of the most competitively priced gels on the market. This contains 23g Carbs in one gel.

This is a good solid gel that lots of people use. 

Best for: Price

Pros Cons
Great price Sweet
Good range of flavours Some people don't like the flavours
Ultra-concentrated for fast action


3. Clif Bloks - £2.79

Some people prefer to chew these while they're running or cycling. They do the same as an energy gel in providing your body with energy to perform.
It is recommended that you drink fluids whilst using these. 


Best for: Chewing

Pros Cons
Some people prefer chews Need to take on water with chews
Great taste Pack difficult to open whilst running
Fast acting


4. Gu Energy Gel - £1.89

A crazy amount of flavours, so you should be able to find one you like. People like the consistency of these and they have some big fans. 

These were launched back in 1991 and were the original energy gel and they're still going strong now. 

Best for: Flavours

Pros Cons
Amazing flavours Can be a bit sticky
More filling than others Some don't like the additional caffeine (check flavour)
Thick consistency


5. OTE Super Gel - £1.99

This one really packs a punch. With twice the amount of carbs of a standard gel. It means you don't have to take as many when you're out. 

They also contain electrolytes which helps with your hydration too. 

Best for: Carb intake

Pros Cons
Huge 40g of carbs per gel (double most others) Can be 'too much' carbs for some events
Natural flavourings Only 2 flavours
Contain electrolytes to remain hydrated


Check out our other energy gels here. We also sell a range of hydration and recovery products too. Or if you want to try a few products, we have some taster boxes available. 

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