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Since 2012 Chia Charge has been making sports nutrition that helps you perform better and tastes great. You won't find any oddities in our Yorkshire-baked flapjacks either, just good honest kitchen cupboard ingredients that make you move and feel great.  

Chia Charge is a brand based around chia seeds, supplying energy and protein bars for anyone who wants energy and protein for their regular exercise, training and events. Although their fans enjoy our great-tasting products, the taste is the first and highest hurdle they consider before launching any new bar.

Chia Charge uses kitchen cupboard ingredients, and they don't shy away from using brown sugar or golden syrup. Their customers understand the benefit of carbs in their endurance activities and that carbs are essential for most people to perform well.

 "Having used gels in the past, to the point of being sick of them, I realised that I needed something that I would be happy to eat regularly that also helped me perform well. The idea of eating gels or some of the other equally poor tasting products for the next 10,20, 30 or 40 years persuaded me that the market was sadly lacking in what I call "real food"."

- Tim Taylor, Chia Charge founder