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You say Glucozade, I say Lucozade

Lucozade is a drink created in the UK and is sold all over Britain. Thomas Beecham started it from Newcastle in 1927. Thomas made this drink out of glucose syrup to provide energy to people who were ill. So, it stands to reason that Lucozade’s original name was Glucozade until 1929, when they removed the first letter from its name.

The product continued to increase in sales with just a few minor changes along the way here and there.

But then, unexpectedly, in 1985, they realized that Lucozade could be used as an everyday drink – not just for the infirm!

Because of this, Lucozade changed its slogan from “Lucozade aids recovery” to “Lucozade replaces lost energy”.

The brand has created a range of products to help with energy and hydration.