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Collection: Skratch

Skratch labs make sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or taste buds because they use natural food, starting from scratch.

rooted in professional cycling and science

While working as a sport scientist and coach for a professional cycling team, Dr Allen Lim started making his training food and sports drinks from scratch for cyclists. Too many of the pre-packaged sports bars and drinks marketed or given to them were laden with artificial ingredients, making them sick to their stomach.

the creation of a "secret drink mix."

He also started diluting their sports drinks to lower the sugar concentration while adding extra salt and electrolytes to replace what was lost in their sweat. Eventually, he started making a "secret drink mix" in his kitchen using a recipe with less sugar, more sodium, and no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or colours, with a simple and clean taste created by natural fruit.

The secret got out

Soon, word of the "Secret Drink Mix" was spreading fast, and it was clear that the demand for all-natural drink mixes extended far beyond cyclists or endurance athletes. Instead, race car drivers, rock climbers, concerned parents, Peace Corps workers, and ordinary active people looking for healthy food and drink alternatives were buying the product and hungry for more knowledge and ideas.

The demand grew, and Skratch grew with it.

To meet that demand, Allen put together a team of close friends, and they decided to let the secret out by opening a little company in Boulder, Colorado, called Skratch Labs. Their mission is simple – to develop and sell food and drinks that taste great, are made from natural ingredients, and solve problems for active people. But, most importantly, Skratch intends to educate and continue to learn and grow – to help our customers improve and thrive as they help us do the same. Skratch knows they have a lot of work to do to fulfil this mission, and they are the first to acknowledge that they are a work in progress – that things won't always be perfect. But there's no better time to start than now.

Thanks for supporting our small and independently owned business as we work to help you and your active life.