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TORQ is a Fitness Consultancy. They work with leading endurance athletes and have developed their products through a need to provide nutrition to their clients. Their roots are in Fitness Consultancy and Cycling, which provides them with their unique edge and integrity. Their range of performance nutrition products supports their athletes. TORQ have uncompromising standards yet also has a conscience. They don't use ingredients not derived from a natural source or don't naturally occur within the human body. They are firm in the opinion that artificial ingredients like sweeteners offer no performance advantage, can cause stomach discomfort and potentially harm your long-term health. Advanced compounds like D-Ribose, HMB and L-Glutamine naturally occur within the human body and represent some of the most potent supplements available today, so why would you want to use anything artificial? TORQ do not cut corners and does not accept compromise.

Torq has a wide range of nutrition products. Below is a summary of each one.


Fueling System

The TORQ Fuelling System doesn't just simplify the fuelling process; it optimises it by ensuring you consume the optimal amount for the best performances. All carbohydrate formulations are NOT equal, so please read the next tab to learn why TORQ's multiple-transportable carbohydrate blend enables greater carbohydrate absorption than any other recipe.



TORQ Hydration Drink's advanced hypotonic formulation optimises hydration where events/sessions are no more than an hour long, and you experience heavy sweat loss. Indoor training activities like Zwift, Sufferfest and studio cycling for cyclists and other indoor exercises classes like body pump and circuit training are good examples. TORQ Hydration Drink can also be used as part of the TORQ Fuelling System during more extended events as an alternative to TORQ Energy Drink. It is a popular choice with runners who can combine it with TORQ Gels to satisfy their fuelling and hydration requirements.


Recovery System

'Recovery' is about putting nutrients back into the body to facilitate the regeneration of your physiological systems, returning them to their expected level, so you feel as good as you did before you exercised. Athletes need to recover fast so they can train or race again as soon as possible. If you were taking part in a multi-day stage race or training camp, for instance, it's pretty obvious why you would want to recover quickly after each stage – to stay fresh and ensure you achieve your best performance each day. However, the side of recovery that is often not appreciated is how a well-oiled recovery process can facilitate adaptation and make you stronger – it's critical to the training process.



TORQ SNAQ Breakfasts and Meals have been designed specifically for people who are serious about their sporting performance. TORQ bring 'real food' into the performance equation. Not only do we provide cutting-edge performance products for use during and immediately after exercise, but we also now address the bigger picture of your overall diet.



TORQ Explore Flapjacks are soft, syrupy, deliciously tasty, organic, and suitable for vegans or those who prefer a plant-based diet. Our Soil Association Organic certification means that the ingredients used in these flapjacks are from the purest sources, free from the pesticides and chemicals used in modern intensive farming. Organic ingredients also provide a richer, more wholesome flavour that immediately becomes apparent when tasting our flapjacks.