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Velforte exists to help active people realise their natural potential.

By harnessing nature's finest ingredients, they create breakthrough recipes that delight the senses and naturally enhance physical performance, productivity & wellness.

Veloforte crafts delicious food that's fit for purpose & fit for the body, inspiring active people everywhere to fuel better.

Their products must demonstrate three fundamental values equally: Natural, Powerful & Delicious. Unless they do, they won't produce them.

For decades, the typical heavily engineered nutrition that's dominated the shelves has failed to meet these standards - there's nothing natural about them, and they're certainly not delicious. It's time to expect more from your nutrition. No more compromises, digestive issues, fake flavours, sickly gloop or ingredients you can't recognise (or digest). Instead, just beautifully balanced natural ingredients, incredible flavours and total confidence in your performance.


All Veloforte products use 100% natural ingredients. They're free from Gluten, Dairy, Preservatives & Additives – pure natural goodness from the finest sources.

With Vegan & Vegetarian options, their range is the perfect food for your active lifestyle.


Veloforte products don't just taste amazing; they provide the optimal balance of nutrients to energise & replenish your body before, during & after exercise.

High-performance products for Pros and Amateurs alike, be you a cyclist, runner, tennis player, hiker, swimmer or love getting active.


Veloforte are the only nutrition brand to have ever won multiple Gold Awards at the prestigious Great Taste Awards (6 years in a row!). "An incredible product that raises the bar, offering the finest quality and performance unlike anything in their sector" - Great Taste Awards Judges.

Fit for body & purpose

All-natural, fantastic taste, quality and total confidence in your performance nutrition that you'll look forward to fuelling.

Veloforte's range of real-food products not only work with your body's natural digestion, but as they only use 100% natural ingredients, they won't upset your tummy, leaving you to focus on yourself.

What powered the Roman Legions is what will power you!

Veloforte's foundations use an ancient Italian fortifier: A delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices used to create a speciality of Siena in Tuscany called Panforte.

Panforte dates back over 700 years. Baked by spice sellers, who were the pharmacists of the day, Panforte was held in high regard not only as a delicious food but also as a fortifying mix to restore health and vitality under the presence of its healing spices.

Panforte fuelled the Roman Legions and powered them through the long treks into foreign lands – perfect due to its robust form, energy-giving properties and long life span.

Panforte has been produced by generations of the Giusti family, whose ancient and fiercely guarded recipes form the basis of Velorte delicious bars. It provides the guidance and values they follow for their breakthrough range of hydration mixes, all-natural energy gels, energy chews & protein shakes too.

Try some. You'll feel it too.