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Mountain Fuel

Mountain Fuel Natural Sports Jelly Plus + *Clearance*

Mountain Fuel Natural Sports Jelly Plus + *Clearance*

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Mountain Fuel Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus is a refreshing energy gel that provides both hydration and energy in a liquid jelly consistency. Ideal for those who like the concept of having a convenient but effective ‘food’ option whilst still staying hydrated when endurance training.

This energy gel has added electrolytes, namely 46mg sodium for balancing water/blood levels and 54mg potassium to aid nerve function. Electrolytes, combined with an easily digestible energy gel (thanks to the hydrogel technology, where the gel mimics stomach acidity), give you all the energy and performance benefits without stomach distress. So get the Mountain Fuel Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus today and see the benefits to your performance.

So why choose Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly over a standard sports energy gel? 

Carbohydrate metabolism begins within the mouth when you consume your food or drink. The ingredients, taste, and consistency will influence how well your body can utilise and tolerate the product. For many athletes, too sweet can become sickly, and savoury foods are notoriously difficult to eat during higher intensities. Solid foods, typically with higher fat content, are more challenging to break down and are much heavier on the stomach, increasing the risk of gastrointestinal issues during activity. Your muscles require fuel and water to help them work effectively and efficiently, and consuming non-optimal foods and drinks will draw vital energy away from your muscles.

Mountain Fuel could have quickly produced like-for-like sports gels. However, they believe their new product is an excellent replacement for energy gels, especially when training and competing in endurance events. The Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly is a hybrid of jelly and a drink and the perfect option for those who like the idea of having a convenient but effective ‘food’ choice whilst still staying hydrated.

Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly has been tested in all conditions to ensure it is practical, useable, and great tasting, whatever the climate. You must be confident with your fuelling options, particularly on more extended events.

We train hard for races, attempting to be as fit and efficient as possible, but often overlook our fuel. The working muscle efficiently metabolises Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly by selecting a multi-source carbohydrate mix that is fast acting yet can also deliver a sustained energy release. Our combination of glucose, maltodextrin and apple juice provides multiple-transportable carbohydrates which pass efficiently through the stomach and are absorbed effectively. In addition, the makeup of our product and its water content helps with osmolarity, which is the process the body uses to draw the carbohydrate through our intestinal wall into the bloodstream resulting in the working muscles retaining blood flow and water and ensuring maximum performance.

The use of sodium and electrolytes aids in the replenishment of the muscles. Sodium also helps regulate core body temperature, aid digestion, and retain already consumed fluids.


Hydrogel Sports Jelly+

  • 30g carbs and 50mg of natural caffeine plus electrolytes
  • Fast acting sustained energy
  • Multi-source carbohydrate
  • Refreshing (no need to wash down with water)
  • Easy on the stomach
  • Electrolytes
  • Used by type 1 diabetics to control blood sugars during exercise
  • Used by people who have IBD & IBS related issues

These gels are what elite athletes buy to train and race with, no fancy claims, just proven results.

How do you use Hydrogel Sports Jelly Plus +?

Delivering 30g of carbohydrates, you could have 2-3 Mountain Fuel Sport Jelly+ an hour, depending on your biological tolerance and makeup. However, as many athletes will be utilising the rest of the Mountain Fuel system or taking on board other snacks, foods, and fluids, it is advisable to test what works for you in training. Aiming for around 60g of carbs an hour is a sensible guide, particularly for longer races. For short races and depending on intensity, you may take one Mountain Fuel Xtreme Jelly Juice every 30-60 minutes.

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Ingredients for Natural Sport Jelly+
Water, Maltodextrin, Glucose, Stabiliser (Pectin), Acidifying agent (citric acid), Potassium citrate, Sea salt, Lemon extract, Preservative (Potassium sorbate)

*Sport Jelly+ with caffeine has 50mg of caffeine

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“I use Sports Jelly for my races, they are a great product... soft flavour and the consistency is great, even without water and it doesn’t feel like a paste in the mouth.” Kilian Jornet, World Champion Endurance Runner Jan 2020

“I love Mountain Fuel, particularly when I use the whole system on race days. The Sports Jellies are the best gels I’ve ever used and the flapjack bars are so much easier to eat on the run than other bars I’ve used.” Jon Albon, World Trail Running Champion / Obstacle Race World Champion

From roads, trails or mountains, two feet to two wheels and whatever your ability, Mountain Fuel is a balanced sports nutrition system designed to provide the body with the nutrition and energy to cope with any type of physical activity. The Mountain Fuel system provides sustained energy and recovery whilst also providing the vitamins, amino acids and minerals your body needs to perform at its best, taking the guesswork out of your fuelling needs.

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